Kids' Art

* KidsArt
This site offers some good tips on drawing and art education, including ideas for art projects.

Free coloring pages to print and color online.

* Crayola Web Site
The Crayola Web site. Lots to do here. Have fun!

* Crayon Batik
This project-oriented art lesson, designed for use at any grade level, turns an ordinary crayon drawing into a beautiful piece of artwork.

* CReAte Your Own Newspaper
Fun for the whole family. CReAte your own newspaper.

* KIDLINK Worldwide Computer Art Exhibition
Kidlink is open for all children and youth in any country up to the age of 15, and for students that are attending secondary school. Most users are between 10 - 15 years of age. Since the start in 1990, children from 176 countries participated in Kidlink projects.

* Art is Fun
Links to awesome art games, interactive activities and drawing lessons.

* Professor Bubbles' Bubblesphere
Learn all about bubbles. Have some bubble fun in the "Bubblesphere."

* The Refrigerator Art Contest
Each week we choose five contestants to participate in "The Competition". There you can vote and comment on your favorite picture. Think you have what it takes to be a contestant?

* Kids' Space
A place where we have collected a variety of resources and things for you to do that we think you will enjoy.

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